When tooth decay causes a cavity in a tooth, it will continue to decay unless a dentist intervenes to stop the progress of the decay.

To treat a cavity, a dentist will first use a laser, drill or air ablation tool to remove the portion of the tooth around the cavity that is decayed. After confirming the removal of the decay, the dentist will remove debris, bacteria and any other substances from the cavity. If the cavity is near the tooth’s root, the dentist may add a lining as a barrier to protect the nerves of the tooth.

The remaining hole in the tooth will then be filled with a dental material. The process will vary depending on the material used, and the dentist will finish by ensuring that the filling does not interfere with the patient’s bite and does not have any rough or sharp edges.

At one time the main material used for dental fillings was dental amalgam, a potentially unhealthy combination of mercury, zinc, copper, silver and tin. As a dental patient In Nogales, you will typically find safer dental composite materials used for fillings, especially at the Nogales, Mexico dentist offices that cater to dental tourists. These composites are not only safer, but they can be blended to match the color of the tooth they are being used to fill.

Other materials available for dental fillings include porcelain and gold.

In addition to their traditional role in stopping the progress of cavities, dental fillings are also used to repair teeth that have been broken or cracked, or worn down due to tooth grinding or other causes.

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