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The modern, thriving dentistry sector in Nogales, Mexico offers an abundance of opportunities for quality dental treatment. Whether you have a problem with your teeth, mouth or jaw, or are just looking for a competent general dentist for checkups to ensure ongoing good dental hygiene and health, you can find a dentist office close to the border in Nogales that meets your needs.

Nogales dentists offer dental services in professional offices, and using modern techniques, materials and equipment. And they do it at a discount of up to 60 percent less than their American colleagues. And prices for dental care in the United States have skyrocketed in recent years, as access to dental insurance and quality dental care north of the border has declined.

How do they do it? Mainly, it is a matter of lower overhead – the economy and standard of living in Mexico are such that dental professionals pay less for their expenses than do American dentists, and pass those savings on to the dental tourist.

So you, the dental patient, come out the winner. You can receive deeply discounted quality dental care, just steps from the border in Nogales.


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Nogales Dentists Directory is your best source of dentistry information for Nogales Sonora Mexico. We do not accept every dentist in Nogales on our listings, because there are some Nogales dentists that are, quite frankly, not up to international standards of dentistry. And this especially presents a problem because it is very difficult, if not impossible, to sue a Mexican dentist. That is one reason why Nogales dentist services are less expensive, because the Nogales dentists do not have to pay malpractice insurance like American dentists. Still, there are many fine Nogales Mexico dentists, and Nogales Mexico is a great place to get a Nogales teeth cleaning, Nogales dentures, root canal, dental veneers, dental fillings, braces from Nogales orthodontists, Nogales cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns, and basically any type of family dentist care in Nogales. And do not forget to check our prices for Nogales dental services!