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It is true that when you walk across the border to visit Nogales, Mexico, that you have entered an entirely different country. However, when it comes to visiting a dental professional in Nogales, the differences pretty much stop at the language (and even that is not a barrier, as the staffs of most dentist offices speak fluent English).

The reason for this is that in dentistry, like other medical professions, there are accepted universal standards for care. People’s teeth do not differ based on nationality, we suffer the same oral problems regardless of where we live. And the profession of dentistry is pretty much practiced the same way in countries around the world, perhaps with exceptions of more advanced equipment and techniques in more industrialized nations.

Many of the dentists in the dental tourism districts of Nogales, Mexico not only have internationally recognized advanced degrees in various specializations of dentistry, but they also maintain their professional knowledge and expertise by attending professional training in the United States.

And many of the dentists in Nogales, Mexico are members of the American Dental Association and other professional organizations that require not only that they adhere to strict professional standards, but that they perform ongoing training.

An example of this is Dr. Victor Manuel Perez Nunez, DDS, the CEO of Dental Advanced in Nogales, Mexico. “Dr. Victor,” as he is affectionately known, is certified by the Mexican Dental Association (MDA) and the American Dental Association (ADA), among having other certifications.

Dr. Victor regularly attends classes in the United States to learn new techniques and technologies. For example, last year he attended specialized training in Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials Sciences at the Harvard University School of Dental Medicine.

So yes, you can have your dental work done by a Harvard-educated dentist, without paying Ivy League prices!

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