Avenida Obregon

Nogales Border Dentistry and Pharmacy Districts

nogales avenida obregon

Avenida Obregon is the principal north-south street in Nogales. Starting at the border fence, it continues through Nogales, through the city and industrial parks, and eventually southward as Mexico highway 15.

In the downtown border tourism district of Nogales, Avenida Obregon is home to a variety of dentist offices, restaurants, curio shops, barber shops, nail and beauty salons, pharmacies and other interesting places to explore.

The northern corner of the Avenida Obregon Nogales dental tourism district is marked by the tallest building in Ambos Nogales (meaning “both” Nogaleses) – the Hotel Fray Marcos de Niza. The Fray Marcos also has a restaurant and bar, and sets a grill, tables and chairs on the sidewalk in the evening to offer freshly grilled Mexican food. It also has a great Sunday buffet.

The Obregon tourism district basically covers the first few blocks of Avenida Obregon going south from Calle Campillo, but there are many more dentist offices and businesses that line Obregon for miles. When looking at the addresses of the dentist offices, those with the lower numbers are closer to the border.

There is certainly much more to see as you walk south, like plazas, the Nogales city hall, and clothing and shoe stores,¬†just be aware that you may want to take a taxi to go to dental offices with addresses in the 500’s and higher, unless you are up for a long walk.


Avenida Obregon - Nogales, Mexico

Avenida Obregon is the main north-south thoroughfare in the Nogales border tourism district. The street is a very comfortable place for a stroll among the curio shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and of course, dentist offices. The Obregon district begins at the corner of Calle Campillo and Avenida Obregon, and extends for several blocks to the south on Avenida Obregon.

Plaza Pesquiera - Nogales, Mexico

After passing through the pedestrian walkway at the DeConcini border crossing, take the second left turn and you will walk in to Plaza Pesquiera, a popular destination for dental offices and pharmacies.

86 Campillo - Nogales, Mexico

The Campillo dentistry district includes the largest dental office building in Nogales, 86 Campillo, located at the intersection of Calle Campillo and Avenida Obregon. The zone also includes dental offices located on Avenida Obregon north of Calle Campillo.

Morley Avenue Border Crossing

The Cortinez-Calles dentistry district in Nogales, Mexico bears the names of the two streets that border the zone – Avenidas Ruiz Cortinez and Plutarco Elias Calles. The district is directly across the border from the Morley Avenue pedestrian crossing. It is also accessible on foot from the main border tourism district, either by crossing over the lanes of cross-border traffic on the pedestrian overpass, or by crossing the border traffic via a crosswalk.

plaza on avenida lopez mateos in nogales sonora

Avenida Lopez Mateos is very easy to find. It is the road that originates north of the border as the southbound lane of Grand Avenue that enters into Mexico from Nogales, Arizona.

Dental clinics in the Lopez-Mateos border dentistry district are within walking distance from the border. After crossing the border on foot at the DeConcini crossing, take an immediate left turn at the end of the walkway and continue to walk south.