Calle Campillo

Nogales Border Dentistry and Pharmacy Districts

 nogales calle campillo

Calle Campillo is the first east-west street that you will see in Nogales, Mexico after crossing the border at the DeConcini pedestrian border crossing.

Calle (pronounced cai – yay, the Spanish word for “street”) Campillo is on the south end of the Plaza Pesquiera open-air commercial center, and connects with Avenida Obregon, another main shopping and dental tourism area.

As you walk west on Campillo two blocks from Plaza Pesquiera to Avenida Obregon, you will find pharmacies and curio shops. The first north-south street you will pass is Avenida Juarez. If you find yourself feeling thirsty when you come to the intersection of Campillo and Juarez, just take a right turn and stop for a cold beverage at the Regis, a traditional Nogales bar that has been open since 1928.

Continuing along Campillo, just before you reach Obregon, is the “Pasaje Morelos” alley located just to the east of the Fray Marcos Hotel, on the southeast corner of Campillo and Obregon (you can’t miss the Fray Marcos, it is the tallest building in Ambos Nogales). In addition to artisans who set up tables to sell their goods there, Pasaje Morelos also has curio shops, a restaurant, motel and a local dentist’s office.

Across the street from the Fray you will see the main building for Nogales professional doctors and dentists offices on Campillo is known as “Campillo 86,” a modern three-story office building located on the corner of Campillo and Avenida Obregon.

For purposes of organization, the Calle Campillo Nogales Dentistry district also comprises dental offices located on Avenida Obregon north of Campillo, which is the block between Campillo and the border fence. Dental offices located south of Campillo on Obregon are included in the “Avenida Obregon” Dental tourism district.


86 Campillo - Nogales, Mexico

The Campillo dentistry district includes the largest dental office building in Nogales, 86 Campillo, located at the intersection of Calle Campillo and Avenida Obregon. The zone also includes dental offices located on Avenida Obregon north of Calle Campillo.

Plaza Pesquiera - Nogales, Mexico

After passing through the pedestrian walkway at the DeConcini border crossing, take the second left turn and you will walk in to Plaza Pesquiera, a popular destination for dental offices and pharmacies.

Avenida Obregon - Nogales, Mexico

Avenida Obregon is the main north-south thoroughfare in the Nogales border tourism district. The street is a very comfortable place for a stroll among the curio shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and of course, dentist offices. The Obregon district begins at the corner of Calle Campillo and Avenida Obregon, and extends for several blocks to the south on Avenida Obregon.

Morley Avenue Border Crossing

The Cortinez-Calles dentistry district in Nogales, Mexico bears the names of the two streets that border the zone – Avenidas Ruiz Cortinez and Plutarco Elias Calles. The district is directly across the border from the Morley Avenue pedestrian crossing. It is also accessible on foot from the main border tourism district, either by crossing over the lanes of cross-border traffic on the pedestrian overpass, or by crossing the border traffic via a crosswalk.

plaza on avenida lopez mateos in nogales sonora

Avenida Lopez Mateos is very easy to find. It is the road that originates north of the border as the southbound lane of Grand Avenue that enters into Mexico from Nogales, Arizona.

Dental clinics in the Lopez-Mateos border dentistry district are within walking distance from the border. After crossing the border on foot at the DeConcini crossing, take an immediate left turn at the end of the walkway and continue to walk south.