Nogales, Mexico Border Cuisine

From traditional Mexican to unique dishes, it's all good
restaurant fray marcos

Casual dining at the Restaurant Fray Marcos in downtown Nogales

You can go to any Mexican restaurant in the U.S., and while the food may be good, chances are that it is not authentic. When you visit the Nogales, Mexico border tourism district, you can find a variety of Mexican food, from Sonoran carne asada to seafood tacos.

But your options are not limited to Mexican food. You can also enjoy Chinese food, salads and sandwiches, teppan and sushi as well as other types of cuisine.

In addition to popular Nogales, Sonora restaurants like La Roca and Fray Marcos, there are other eateries in the Nogales border district that offer a variety of cuisines from the traditional to the unique.

We have listed some of the more popular restaurants in the Nogales, Mexico dental tourism areas, and will soon be adding additional information and reviews.


Restaurants in the Nogales, Mexico Border Area


Cafe Ajijic
Avenida Obregon 182
(631) 312-5074

CafĂ© Leo’s
Corner of Avenida Obregon and Calle Campillo
(631) 312-2201

Citrux Salads
Avenida Obregon 65 (just north of the Fray Marcos)
(631) 690-0505

Comidas El Yaqui
Miguel Hidalgo 118
(631) 312-8851

El Comal de Zapata
Avenida Obregon 125
(631) 311-2589

El Garage Restaurant Bar
Calle Campillo 86
(631) 312-6764

La Roca El Balcon Restaurant Bar
Plutarco Elias Calles 91 (631) 312-0891
From the U.S.: (520) 313-6313

Restaurant el Tule
Plutarco Elias Calles y Jesus Siquieros
(631) 313-5673

Restaurant Hong Kong
Avenida Obregon 23
(631) 313-8822

Restaurant las Brasas
Maclovio Herrera 101
(631) 313-5754

Restaurant Bar la Paloma
Pasaje Morelos 18
(631) 312-3040

Restaurant Fray Marcos
Campillo 91 (on the corner of Calle Campillo and Avenida Obregon)
(631) 312-1651

Restaurant Sinaloa
Avenida Obregon 125
(631) 209-9427

Restaurante la Posada
Pierson 116 (between Obregon and Hidalgo, take a right turn when you see the burro on the corner)
(631) 312-0439

Restaurante la Hacienda del Caballo Rojo
Avenida Obregon 142
(631) 312-5118

Samurai Teppan and Sushi Bar
Avenida Obregon 152-A
(631) 312-6343