Pharmacies in Nogales Mexico

Discount prescription medications

Mexican pharmacies that sell pharmaceuticals at discounted prices have been a mainstay on the border in Nogales, Mexico for years. And with the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs in the U.S. more and more tourists are crossing the border to purchase the brand-name and generic drugs at border pharmacies.

That said, there are some important things to know about purchasing prescription drugs in Mexico.

First, where counterfeit drugs used to be a major problem in Mexico, if you shop at an established pharmacy in the Nogales border tourism district, because of controls that are in place to control Mexican pharmaceuticals, you can be confident that the medications you purchase are authentic.

In fact, many of the drugs that you may purchase from a pharmacy north of the border are made in the same facility as those medications sold in Mexico. Many of the medications may have a different name in Mexico, so read the details on the package and package insert to confirm that what you buy is the right medication and the right dosage.

Another important consideration is that medications in Mexico are classified as either controlled or not controlled. Medications that are not controlled include drugs like cold and allergy remedies – basically the same as over-the-counter medications in the U.S.

Controlled medications require a prescription for purchase, and you will also need to declare the medication to U.S. Customs when you cross the border and present your prescription. You will not be able to bring back more than three months’ amount of medication, and there are also other restrictions on importing medications.

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