Tooth extraction is one of the oldest and most common general dental procedures. While some people will keep all of their permanent adult teeth for a lifetime, there are many reasons why teeth may need to be removed.

Perhaps the most common reason for pulling a tooth is due to damage from decay or trauma. The tooth and its surrounding structures may have been compromised by gum disease, causing it to feel loose or wobbly. Also, severe infection that cannot be adequately treated by antibiotics may require the removal of a tooth to help stop the spread of the infection. And often orthodontists will remove teeth to allow more space in the mouth for a tooth-straightening regimen.

Oftentimes dentists will have their patients take antibiotics for a week prior to the tooth extraction procedure, to resolve any existing infections and to minimize the effect of bacteria that can enter the bloodstream following an extraction. Your Nogales dentist can prescribe antibiotics, and many offices have a supply of the medication to provide to their patients.

Also before performing the extraction, your Nogales dentist will also check to be aware of any existing health conditions that a tooth extraction may affect in a negative way, such as an impaired immune system or a congenital heart defect.

The tooth extraction process begins with the injection of an anaesthetic to deaden the nerves around the tooth.

If the tooth is impacted, which means that it is pressing against soft tissue, bone or another tooth, the dentist may need to cut away the gum tissue or bone that is restricting the tooth before manually manipulating the tooth so it can be removed. This may also involve cutting the tooth so that it can be removed in pieces.

Most tooth extractions can be performed by a general dentist (which means any qualified dentist, since all dental specialists are also trained in general dentistry). However, depending on the position of the tooth and potential complexity involved, some tooth extractions must be performed by an oral surgeon.

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